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Our Mission

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Our Intent

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Our History

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Our Animals

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Learn About Southern Shepherd Farms

Our Philosophy


Southern Shepherd Farms animals are treated humanely, and every single animal on our farm lives until its needed. In fact, its fair to say that our pastured animals really only have one bad day.

The problem many small farmers have isn’t “Will we find a buyer”, the real problem tends to be “how can we maintain a steady stream of quality products?” In Efland, NC, Southern Shepherd Farms is showing that you CAN produce that quality without having to rely on on the corporate structures required by profits-driven farmers.

we create that steady stream as a grassroots effort here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. We hope to help you achieve your own sustainable goals.

Our Mission


At Southern Shepherd Farms, it is our mission to produce the most wholesome, natural, chemical-free products available.

For my family, it was always a truth growing up that each generation would live longer and longer, with medical advances and personal health pushing every American into and above their 90’s. However, the reality is that this generation is the first to have their children live with a lower life expectancy than their parents. There is no explanation in my mind for why that happens to be, and why that has been accepted by the people of this country. We have overdrawn our level of sustainable production in this country and have had to turn to synthetics to feed ourselves and our animals.

Our pastured animals live freely, and they in turn help you live longer. For every non-synthetically fed cow I raise up and harvest at Southern Shepherd Farms, that is one cow that can feed a family non-synthetic food. They get a great tasting, healthy product and in turn, they get to live longer.

Our Intent


The idea for Southern Shepherd Farms didn’t originate here in Efland. It began with me as a little Alabama boy on my Grandpa’s farm. He use to just let me run loose on his farm. It was the just the most freedom and happiness I’ve ever experienced.

My intent with Southern Shepherd Farms is to provide that feeling to as many people as possible. Not just within my family, but any family. We can bring this to farmers all across the Piedmont of North Carolina and other locations— a sense of sustainability and satisfaction that you are helping people to live longer and producing products that help keep sustainable farming a reality.

If you or your farm need a sustainable reality, you don’t have to be trapped within the system. We can bring in the chickens, eggs, or polts you need to get started. We can bring in the rubber mulch, clear the land, or create the small garden spaces that you need. With a sustainable model, the only time there’s really a lot of work… is during the harvest. And that’s a great problem to have.

Farm History


For the last several years things have really started coming together, but this farm was really a gamble that I was running it on a wing and a prayer.

As I like to mention, I had a happy childhood and gained a great deal of joy on my grandfather’s farm in rural Alabama. As a young man, I made a small fortune in my 20’s and then promptly lost a small fortune in real estate. I was working ridiculous hours every day, six or even seven days a week just trying to make money. Losing that money allowed me to step back and ask myself if I really loved what I was doing, and the answer was NO.

I made a decision then and there that my goal was to have a family on a farm. So, I decided it was time for me to say “Screw You” to the job and the pursuit of money at all costs, and it was time for me to focus on my dream. I decided to move forward on getting the farm. After that, I could always work on the family, and then I’d have the family on the farm.

So, now here we are— a working farm since 2009 and we’re producing some highly sustainable animals, and we’re all still pretty excited!

Our Animals


Raising animals on pasture is good for you and the planet. It’s also a surefire way to make some delicious meat.

You can taste the difference in meat that was raised on grass. The animal literally got the chance to be an animal: chickens scratching at dirt, eating bugs and grass; cows ambling over green fields, munching away on clover and other forage grasses. The meat will have more flavor because the animal ate a range of different natural foods, and because it had a chance to move around and develop its muscles.

When your meat is produced far away, you never really know what practices the farmer is using, do you? At Southern Shepherd Farms, our pastured-meat animals live until they’re needed, allowing you to order at distance, or to choose which animal you’re getting.