Southern Shepherd Farms Services


If you need fencing installed, we’ve got you covered.


You buy the meat, we’ll prepare it for you!

Southern Shepherd Farms Portable Sawmilling

Southern Shepherd Sawmill in Efland, NC
Southern Shephed Portable Sawmill - All in a day's work
Southern Shepherd, Efland's Portable Sawmill service. Not cheap but affordable quality hardwood
  • The Sawmill

    The sawmill at Southern Shepherd Farms in Efland, NC is really something to see. We turn your logs into board on your property. Our portable sawmill will allow us to mill your hardwood and softwood logs up to [ 36″ ] in diameter. We can slice boards up to [ 28″ ] wide and process wood of [ any length ].

  • Board Quality

    Quality. It says a lot. Our portable sawmill was built in North America, and does not use any parts build in China, Taiwan, India, or European nation. Why purchase boards at a big store, having to root out warped, low quality pieces? Good wood makes good boards. Why not use the quality that is already with you?

  • Convenience

    The tree is already on your site. Why pay to lug it out to another site, then pay to have it returned? Our onsite services will travel from our location in Efland directly to your lumber, and trim it on site. This will allow you to move the completed project to your storage location. Perhaps you’ll be installing the first board while we trim the rest— It wouldn’t be the first time!

Southern Shepherd Farms Cedar Fencing

  • Cedar Heartwood

    Heartwood is the best wood. Southern Shepherd Cedar Heartwood posts come in convenient 4×4 and 6×6 sizes. The strong, red heartwood is a good choice for farmers. It’s heartwood contains natural oils which repel insects and are decay resistant, easily lasting you 15 to 20 years. While we try to hoard our red-to-the-edge posts, a certain amount of white jacketing may occur with individual posts.

    Fencing is an essential part of every well maintained property. Install the fence that will complete your property and enhance its function and aesthetics. After all fencing is an investment, so whenever possible we work to maintain existing infrastructure.Our self-propelled post driver not only allows us to move quickly and efficiently on large projects, but also results in the most durable fence out there. No concrete, no auger, no tamping – just a rock solid fence that will last as long as the wood does.

  • Post Quality

    Quality should be your watchword. Some species have their best wood on the outside. I roll my eyes when I see people stick a 6″ post in the ground and proclaim it to be rot resistant. Within 5 years, cheap log posts are stripped to 1″ of heartwood and the fence is flapping in the breeze without nails.

  • Protect Your Family With Cedar Posts

    You want to protect and provide. Pressure treated lumber dries out. Pressure treated lumber is carcinogenic. Many farmers don’t think twice about planting little “Toothpicks of Death” all around their property. Treatments tend not to go all the way through 4×4’s causing them to rot from the inside out and shrink or crack. Arsenic leeches into the soil, and from there into your water, your plants and your animals. Provide your family with natural, chemical-free posts.

Southern Shepherd Farms Bush Hogging Services

  • Heavy Duty Underbrush Clearing

    A Lawnmower On Steroids. Our machines can cover a multitude of site prep activities: bush hogging (removing tall grasses and woodsy “volunteer” bushes”, land clearing, underbrush clearing, brush removal. We are also available for crop shredding, pasture mowing, roadside clearing, orchard maintenance, or even manicuring a large lawn.

  • A Quiet Garden, Quickly Prepared

    Prepare your land for a gentle touch. Not every job requires strength and tenacity. Some jobs require a firm hand in a specific area. Our bush hog can till the soil, preparing it for your fostering hands. Go from firm, weedy ground to a prepared garden area in a single afternoon with Southern Shepherd Farms bush hogging service. Why break your back, when a machine will do the work for you? Tell us about your garden space today below!

  • Helping Out The Community

    We are open to trade. Every farmer knows that know one gets anywhere on their own. At Southern Shepherd Farms, we want to help farmers out. If you need land cleared, we will always consider trade. You have something, you need something, its an old story. Let’s talk about your issues and see if we can’t come to an arrangement.

Southern Shepherd Farms Catering Services

  • Real Meat. Real Quality

    Top Quality Meats. Ring the dinner bell. Southern Shepherd Farms is family owned and operated, and as such, we enjoy extending our family’s warm hospitality to each and every customer. We can provide the best in melt-in-your-mouth southern barbecue and smoked meat products. You know you want it. We’re ready to provide it.

  • Onsite or On Location

    Focus on what’s really important.We’ll provide the quality on-site or off-site catering. On-site catering allows your menu selections to be cooked fresh on location with our mobile pit, ensuring that you get the best quality and taste. If you prefer off-site cooking, we will cook everything and deliver it to your location. We also have a spectacular venue available for onsite catering. Learn more about it below.

  • Invisible Delivery. Incredible Food

    Your friends and family are important. We deliver the materials you’ve ordered, set up, and the focus is the food. Our catered meals are great for parties of 20-500, and fit any event. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, family reunion, fundraiser, etc., we can provide the best pastured-meat products you’ve ever tasted.

Southern Shepherd Farms Mobile Equipment Mechanics

  • Have Tools. Will Travel.

    Inspect. Diagnose. Repair. Maintain. If it doesn’t move, but It should, we’ll repair it.

    We start by listening. Really listening to your issue. We try it, and diagnose the issues. We will repair the problem. If we cannot repair the problem, we know the people who can. Some jobs are quick fixes, others may take a day or two. When you have a problem you want solved, contact Southern Shepherd Farms.

Southern Shepherd Farms Venue Rental

  • Amaze Yourself

    Discover True Surprise. At Southern Shepherd Farms in Efland, NC, you will discover outdoor as well as indoor spaces built to accommodate dinners, social celebrations, and intimate ceremonies. Our venue rental is available for up to 12 hours, and its yours for the entirety— we only accept one event per day. Venue rental goes great with onsite catered meals.

    Our venue is one of the few remaining venues in Efland. Imagine 4,000 sq.ft. in a building built by old-school stoneworkers in the 1950’s. It has an expansive dance floor and the kind of acoustics that musicians and DJs would die for. The barrel-vault ceilings just resonate to make every even just sound incredible!

  • A Location Like No Other

    Start making memories. Located in the scenic North Carolina Piedmont region, the glory of this area will create a stunning blue-skied backdrop to your activities. During the day, green fields and pastures will surround you with sweet growing nature. At twilight, enjoy a spectacular evening sunset followed by a luxurious star-filled sky far from the lights of the city.

  • Choose The Right Location

    True Perfection. Whether its your entire family on expansive lawns, fields, and pastures, Just a few friends celebrating indoors, or an intimate “I Do” under a stately oak tree, Southern Shepherd can offer you the best.

    Reservations for an event are secured with a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the rental fee. If you need something more expansive, a Countryside Wedding Weekend (3 days/2 nights) can be discussed.